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Juiceman JM480S 1.1-HP 2-Speed All-in-One Automatic Juice Extractor and Citrus Juicer with Integrated Pulp Container

Juiceman JM480S 1.1-HP 2-Speed All-in-One Automatic Juice Extractor and Citrus Juicer with Integrated Pulp Container
Product By Juiceman          (10 customers reviews)
Lowest Price : $79.99 

Technical Details

  • All-in-one juicing versatility with a juice extractor and citrus juicer combined
  • 1.1 HP (800 watts) of power with high/low speed control
  • Juice extractor features 3" wide mouth feed chute and integrated pulp container; citrus juicer features 2 juicing cones for small or large citrus fruits, plus a custom juice pitcher
  • Snap-up juice spout help keep drips off counters; dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup easy
  • Measures 17 by 12 by 9-inch; 2-year limited warranty

Product Description

Enjoy all your favorite fresh juices with ease with an all-in-one automatic juice extractor and citrus juicer combined. With 1.1 HP (800 watts) of power and high/low speed control, you'll enjoy maximum juice extraction on all your produce from berries to rind-on pineapple. The citrus juicer attachment features 2 juicing cones for small and large citrus fruits. An integrated pulp container takes up less space on your counters, while a custom juice pitcher makes measuring or serving easy. The 3-inch wide mouth feed chute lets you juice more with less precutting, while the snap-up juice spout helps keep drips and spills off your counters. All this, plus dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning and built-in cord storage.


Customer Reviews

"Something appears to be off about this unit" 2010-10-28
By pleureur.
I happily squeezed several lemons. All appeared to be well. The unit quickly (and loudly!) really cleaned out the inside of each lemon half. However, we waited and waited for the juice to come out. It never did! It just pooled inside the unit, and there is no way to get the juice out of it. I have no idea what is wrong with it; the parts in question do not move. I had to tilt it upside down (mind you, a container with no middle) to get it out. Also, the storage is very awkward. You have two top units, and one small base to store it on, which tends to topple.

I am not inspired to use it on more complicated fruits and vegetables if it can't get lemon juice into the container.

"More Pulp than Juice" 2010-10-28
By P. MSakamoto (Saratoga, California USA)
The Juiceman appears to be a great value at first. This appliance looks and feels sturdy and comes with two types of juicer. One is the classic "spinning cone" that you press a half a citrus against. It's essentially a motorized version of the glass juicer that we have just about all used at one time or another. The other juicer function is the "juice extractor" which the configuration pictured in the Amazon website photo. This is the way we spent our testing time, in this configuration, and we were frankly kind of disappointed. The Juiceman produced juice, but it produced a LOT more pulp. I found I could get about as much juice by hand squeezing the pulp at the end of an extraction than the extraction itself. Seemed odd. We followed all the instructions, and our observation is that the recipe yields in the instruction book are optimistic at best. In general, it seemed to take us about twice as many apples to make a cup of juice as suggested in the book. It seemed to take about three times as many carrots. In talking with friends who had more experience with this kind of unit, we found that they had a couple of recommendations: 1. Make sure you have only the freshest, juiciest fruits and vegetables and that you soak carrots and celery in water before use; 2. The several times more expensive juicers exist because they work better. Upon checking some web sources, we found that most of the folks who are really happy with their juicers, whatever the brand, seem to gravitate towards the $300-500 kind. Wow! This Juiceman is $79. So, a way to look at it is, how much extra fruit and vegetable can you buy for the added couple hundred dollars? Probably enough that you'll get tired of juicing before you make up the difference. A poor way to look at it, I'm sure, but here is why I say this.

The Juiceman is not fun to clean. Juicing carrots seemed to leave a glaze on the surface of the extractor cup, which is a spinning steel and plastic bowl inside the machine. It has sharp spurs on the bottom of the cup to grind off bits of fruit and vegetable which are then centrifuged against the fine screened sides which allow the juice to fly out into the collection area of the unit when in operation. We went through half a Costco bag of carrots, four apples, a bunch of spinach, four large celery stalks, etc. This required emptying the pulp bin about four times. We got well under a pint of juice altogether. In fact, the four of us were using shot glasses to share the output. When we finished and I went to do final cleaning, it was very hard to remove the filmy glaze on the bottom of the extractor cup. I soaked it overnight in water. The next day, it was still had to scrub off. I used a toothbrush for the task. They supply a cleaning brush in the kit, which is essentially a stiff toothbrush, too. The other parts didn't have the filmy glaze, but there are a lot of parts to clean. The next hardest cleaning task is the plastic labyrinth that leads the juice out of the spout on the front of the unit. You absolutely need a brush or other implement to reach into these spaces to clean unless you have skinny fingers. Whatever you do, don't let this plastic thing sit after use - you need to clean it immediately. The rest of the pieces are more or less like cleaning a food processor.

I suppose the bottom line here is that I now appreciate why commercial fruit and vegetable juices are not cheap, especially the "organic" health food types. If you must have this kind of appliance, do a lot of checking beforehand and buy enough juicer that you'll be happy with it. This one is not enough unless you have other uses for all the pulp and have enough time to be inefficient about producing juice.

"Better than my last juicer" 2010-10-20
By Ashley L. Sheppard (Philadelphia, PA USA)
I really like this juicer so far. It's small and looks nice, whereas my last juicer was huge. This one looks good sitting on my counter-top. It's also more useful than my last juicer because it has two attachments so you can do regular juicing or citrus juicing.

Functionality-wise the juicer works well. The citrus juicing is great; it got a good amount of juice from the oranges and limes I've tried and it's easy to use in this way. The citrus juicing attachment is easy to clean, and the juice tasted great! It had just a little bit of pulp and tasted like juice from market. The regular juicing attachment was just slightly more difficult to use, but still worked fine. It seemed like it was working very hard to juice some of the stuff I put in, but succeeded in the end. I do recommend using big pieces, because smaller pieces did not get juiced as well. There was some pulp left that seemed wasteful.

Cleaning was not bad at all. Easier than other juicers; everything rinsed right off most of the pieces. Also, initially setting up the juicer wasn't bad, just make sure not to get confused between the two attachments.

Overall, it's a good product and I would recommend it.

"Very Nice And A Decent Price" 2010-10-16
By Karen Joan (Texas)
I have never used a juicer before (other than an old hand press we had when I was a kid). I've never even been particularly interested in owning a juicer before (they can be so expensive), but when this JUICEMAN JM480S 1.1-HP 2-SPEED ALL-IN-ONE AUTOMATIC JUICE EXTRACTOR AND CITRUS JUICER WITH INTEGRATED PULP CONTAINER became available at such a great price, I had to give it a try. And, mostly, I am glad I did. The JUICEMAN JM480S 1.1-HP 2-SPEED ALL-IN-ONE AUTOMATIC JUICE EXTRACTOR AND CITRUS JUICER WITH INTEGRATED PULP CONTAINER is very easy to use, cleans up quickly, and produces absolutely delicious and refreshing juice.

The first thing we tried was orange juice. The JUICEMAN instructions were straight forward and quite clear, and the juicer and citrus attachments when together in a snap. We used a large bag of smaller juice oranges, about 20, I think, costing $3.30 a bag. In almost no time, we had about a quart of the freshest and tastiest oj I have ever had. My family does not like any pulp, so we also used the integrated pulp catcher, which performed its job perfectly. There was not a drop of pulp to be found. (I suppose if you like the pulp, you can stir it back in to your juice!). Not a drop was wasted, either; those orange rinds we clean as whistle when we were through. (If I were truly thrifty, we would have frozen all those rinds to use later as zest. Oh well, live and learn.) Clean up was a snap; just rinse the larger juicer parts of in the sink, and the smaller ones can fit in the dishwasher. Done in seconds and ready for our next juicing adventure.

The next thing we created was my personal favorite, lemonade. We started with a large bag of lemons, I'd say about 12 in all, costing $ 3.50. This time, my 5 year old daughter decided to help her dad. I was concerned about her juicing the lemons; after all, the parts spin very fast. But I should not have worried; she did a great job, had lots of fun, and was very proud of the juice that she produced. Again, the lemon rinds were squeaky clean at the end; nothing was wasted. We just added water, sugar, and the juice of two oranges (old family recipe), along with lots of ice, and voila, the best lemonade ever! What fun!

Overall, I have to say that the JUICEMAN JM480S 1.1-HP 2-SPEED ALL-IN-ONE AUTOMATIC JUICE EXTRACTOR AND CITRUS JUICER WITH INTEGRATED PULP CONTAINER is a terrific product, very reasonable priced. I do think, however, that you need to watch the seasons and the prices of the fruit you are juicing, and buy the fruit at its cheapest. Our quart of orange juice, while healthy, fresh, and delicious, cost more than a ½ gallon of Valencia orange juice made fresh at our local market. Be that as it may, the entire family loved the JUICEMAN JM480S 1.1-HP 2-SPEED ALL-IN-ONE AUTOMATIC JUICE EXTRACTOR AND CITRUS JUICER WITH INTEGRATED PULP CONTAINER, had lots of fun with it, and really, really enjoyed the wonderful juice. One other small point, the JUICEMAN JM480S 1.1-HP 2-SPEED ALL-IN-ONE AUTOMATIC JUICE EXTRACTOR AND CITRUS JUICER WITH INTEGRATED PULP CONTAINER is bulky with lots of pieces. This means you need quite a bit of space to store it.

Our next attempt will be apple juice, I think. My kids are fiends for apple juice, and they can't wait to make their own. And, quite frankly, neither can I.

"To many lemons? Juice Lemonade!" 2010-10-12
By Jennifer (MA)
I am thrilled with this product. I've been using juicers for a very long time. Most are easy to clean and dishwasher safe, but very time consuming to peel and cut up the fruits for good juicing of citrus. The wider mouth is nice, but still doesn't seem to fit a good fist sized apple, but cut in in fourths and you're good to go. Basic juicing is simple with this machine, but I love the citrus attatchments. I'm a huge lemonade/limeade maker. I have bunches of kids over and they all love my "ades" so this machine saved me a TON of work. Hand pressing citrus or peeling it stinks, but this machine handles all of it with ease. I've used it quite a few times, tossed the pieces into the dishwasher and stored in the cabinet under the counter. Quick and easy. As other reviewer's have already mentioned, this unit is very sturdy without being to cumbersome. Nice appliance all the way around.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Olympus Extra Large Commercial Juice Press, Black

Olympus Extra Large Commercial Juice Press, Black
Product By OrangeX        (4 customers reviews)
Lowest Price : $129.99 

Technical Details

  • Commercial grade juicer now available for home use
  • Made of cast iron and 18/10 stainless steel
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle will withstand 2,300 PSI (pounds per square inch)
  • Heavy base for greater stability and longer handle for additional leverage
  • Fresh juice at the press of a handle

Product Description

Finally a commercial grade juicer for the home that will do as advertised, deliver a glass of fresh squeezed juice. This large commercial juicer form OrangeX is as cool and refreshing as the juice it produces. Whether your fresh squeezed fancy is oranges, grapefruits, lemons or limes the OrangeX commercial juicer will make your morning a breeze. Made from cast iron and stainless steel with 2300 PSI (pounds per square inch) of force everyone in the family can have freshly squeezed juice at the drop of a lever. Removable parts are dishwasher safe.

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Customer Reviews

"HEAVY DUTY- Olympus Large Juice Press" 2010-03-24
By James J. Pupo
Very heavy duty commercial quality juice press. Easy to use and very easy to clean. The excellent performance on oranges, grapefruit, and lemons makes this juicer a top choice for everyday use.

"Fast work making juice from lime and orange trees" 2010-02-27
By DoxieLover (Jacksonville, FL United States)
Very pleased with the Olympus XL Commercial Juice Press. Well built (heavy, so it stays put on the counter), and quiet and easy to operate. The juicer is very easy to clean - just two parts that rinse right off. We have used this juicer for about a month and have made juice from about 75 limes and oranges in record time. This unit replaced a Kitchen Aid mixer juicer attachment that was slow, noisy (the mixer is always on), messy while juicing, and a chore to clean afterward. The only drawback to the Olympus is finding a place to store the unit for easy accees. It won't fit under the cabinets on the kitchen counter - another inch is all it would take for the handle in the down position to slide under the cabinets. Would recommend this juicer.

"Great for pressing pomegranates to make juice for jelly :)" 2009-11-30
By Ashley Streicher (Kerman, CA USA)
I watched a video on you tube on this product and they made pomegranate juice by pressing the fruit in this juicer and it works fabulous!! Very easy and smooth.

"Not as Good as a Ra Chand Juicer" 2008-09-10
By Eric Berube (Bakersfield, CA USA)
I own a medium sized Ra Chand juicer, the popular model J210. Although the fit and finish of the Ra Chand juicer is somewhat crude, it makes up for it in brute strength and straightforward design. It works excellent for limes, lemons, and small to medium sized oranges and it will last a lifetime, even with daily use. The problem with the J210 is that it does not juice large oranges and grapefruits very well. I needed a larger juicer because I have a grapefruit tree and an orange tree that produce larger than average fruit. I decided against the Ra Chand J500 because they were more expensive than the OrangeX juicer, and the reviews of the OrangeX juicer were for the most part favorable--most of the complaints were for paint chips (doesn't appear to be a problem here) and slow delivery (also not a problem). I was disappointed when my OrangeX large commercial juicer arrived because the top cone and lower "bowl" assembly of the juicer, where the fruit fits, is no larger than the Ra Chand medium sized J210 juicer. In fact, it appears to be smaller than the Ra Chand medium sized juicer. Also, they are thin stamped stainless steel where on the Ra Chand juicer they are polished cast aluminum. That being said, the OrangeX juicer is heavy duty and fairly well built. I have no doubt it will work fine for limes, lemons, and small to medium oranges, and that it too will last a lifetime. However, now I have two juicers that will do the same thing and I still have no juicer for larger grapefruits, unless I settle for squeezing some of the grapefruit and having the edge squirt all over the edge. In retrospect, I wish I had looked at the Ra Chand J500 and, given that it is truly larger than the J210, spent the extra $50 to get something that would not only work for larger fruit, but medium and smaller fruit as well.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Greenstar Elite GSE-5000 Juicer - Electric Green Star Juice Machine - Juices Carrots to Wheatgrass

Greenstar Elite GSE-5000 Juicer - Electric Green Star Juice Machine - Juices Carrots to Wheatgrass
Product By Tribest        (11 customers reviews)
Lowest Price : $528.50 

Technical Details

  • The Green Star Juicer Elite is not only capable of juicing delicious and healthy fresh squeezed juices, but it is equally beautiful in your kitchen! With this new Elite style!
  • No more screw knobs! You simply fasten the twin gear housing using a latch. This simplifies the cleaning!
  • A drip tray is also included to keep drips from your countertop.
  • Minimum amount of oxygen introduced, thus delaying oxidation
  • Standard Accessories Include: Juicing Knob, Breadstick Knob, Fine, Course, Breadstick & Homogenizing Screens, Twin Gears, Twin Gear Housing, Safety Tray Lid, Outlet Casing, Drip Tray, Juice Pitcher, Plastic & Wooden Plungers, Strainer, Flat & Standard Cleaning Brushes, Power Cord, Main Body and Safety Hood.

Product Description

The Green Star series was developed to extract the maximum amount of naturally healthy juices with all of its vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. Green Star Juicers are ideally suited for many types of fruit, vegetables and leafy greens. In no time at all, you can even process fresh wheatgrass and long-fibred celery stalks into high-quality vital juices. Tribest has worked to develop a new and improved version of Green Star - the Green Star Elite - so that preparing and enjoying fresh juice will be an even more satisfying experience. By juicing with its powerful but low RPM precision twin gears, there is minimal heat created and a minimum amount of oxygen introduced, thus delaying oxidation. The twin gears gently extract the healthiest juices. The highly sensitive enzymes and valuable vitamins are preserved in the juice during this process. Bio-magnets have been integrated into the Green Star Elite Juicer's twin gears to optimize the juice quality. They "pull" more minerals into the juice while increasing the minerals' bioavailability. This means that your body can more effectively absorb and utilise the dissolved minerals. Green Star Elite Juicer, fine and coarse juicing screens, homogenizing blank, glass pitcher, cleaning brush, outlet adjusting knob, plastic plunger, cleaning brush, drip tray, breadstick set, detailed instruction manual. Juicing Process: Twin gear
R.P.M. : 110
Power: 200 W
Weight: 25 lbs
Warranty: 5 years

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Customer Reviews

"Greenstar Elite GSE-5000 has very high yield & easy to clean" 2010-10-23
By christy fulton (WICHITA, KANSAS, US)
Greenstar Elite GSE-5000 twin screw juicer today....omg so glad we went with the twin screw instead of the Centrifugal juicer as the twin screw has alot higher yield. Made up a batch of juice that will make your head pop off and shoot sparks out of your ears. yuuuumy

Was very worried about cleaning this product as its been said its hard to clean, well I am disabled and within 5 minutes I had it taken apart scrubbed and in the dishwasher.... two thumbs up (( its easy to clean ))

Well worth the 500.00 for this juicer that works, unlike paying a hundred or hundreds for other units that produce nothing but headaches!

"great product!" 2010-09-11
By Don Petersen (fairfield, ca United States)
I did a lot of research before buying this juicer, and I'm not disappointed. The juice it creates is plentiful and delicious and it has no trouble juicing a wide variety of fruits and veggies. It is very quiet, easy to assemble, and powerful. For my first batch, I made a wheatgrass, spinach, apple, carrot, cucumber, and celery mix that was amazingly good. Even my husband liked it, even though he thinks I'm a "hippy weirdo" for getting into juicing. ;)

Fair warning: it does take some time to clean...probably 10-12 minutes if you do it right away. Taking it apart is very easy, and most pieces just need to be rinsed off, but the juicing screen itself takes some diligent scrubbing. The packages comes with an excellent brush that lets you get into all of the nooks and crannies, though.

Personally, the cleanup time is worth it when you consider the machine's strengths: quality and quantity of the juice, power, versatility, etc.

"Lasted 35 days" 2010-06-20
By A. Nix (Kronos)
I did a lot of research on juicers before selecting the Elite 5000. It worked great for 35 days after which the twin gears stopped turning consistently and now it makes a noise like gears slipping. It will no longer juice any vegetables. I have checked assembly and inspected the parts for damage and cannot find any so I assume the problem must be in the main component. I am just now trying to get the machine fixed or replaced and will let you know if I get prompt service or the run around. I am very disappointed. I read testimonies of these things lasting 20 years.

Update: The supplier replaced the main component immediately. He also mentioned that in ten years of supplying Green Star juicers that this was the first one that had ever failed. The replacement component fixed the problem and so far I have had no additional issues. This really is a great juicer. I changed my rating from one star to five now that the problem is fixed

"Not worth the price tag for me" 2010-06-07
By R. J. Clark (NEWTON, IA, US)
I had no issues with the juicer itself, and it did a fantastic job of doing what it was supposed to do. But the cleanup is a hassle with this, which I absolutely hated. I just wasn't impressed with the unit for the $ I spent on it, so we returned it. After that, we got a Hurom juicer, which I can safely say does everything this thing can do and do it just as well as the Green Star, and it's $200 less. I can't say that I would recommend it to people, unless the price tag drops a whole lot.

"Best juicer EVER!!!" 2010-03-24
By RPBLCN (Palm Beach Gardens,Fl)
I just received my Greenstar elite. I did alot of research before buying this product, including talking to several nutritionist's and health food advocates. I can tell you this is b y far worth the money. The quality of the juice is amazing, add to that easy operation and clean up plus the fact that you can make pate and other items with just processing the food and this juicer pays for itself.

You will not be disappointed. Get rid of your old juicer and step up-you'll thank me!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Black & Decker JE2200B 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor with Custom Juice Cup

Black & Decker JE2200B 400-Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor with Custom Juice Cup
Product By Black & Decker
Lowest Price : $31.96 

Technical Details

  • 400 watts of power plus a stainless steel cutter and strainer juices all your favorite fruits and vegetables with ease
  • Large, integrated pulp container reduces space taken on counter
  • Custom juice cup makes measuring, pouring and serving easy
  • Dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a breeze
  • Measures 13 by 9 by 9-inch; 2-year limited warranty

Product Description

Skip the juice bar and get all your favorite fresh juices right from your counter. With 400 watts of power and a stainless steel cutter and strainer, you can juice all your favorite fruits and vegetables. The large, integrated pulp container takes up less counter space, while a custom juice cup mades serving easy. All this, plus slip-resistant feet and dishwasher-safe parts that made cleanup a snap.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remanufactured Breville XXBJE510XL Ikon 900-Watt Variable-Speed Juice Extractor

Remanufactured Breville XXBJE510XL Ikon 900-Watt Variable-Speed Juice Extractor
Product By Breville        (4 customers reviews)
Lowest Price : $99.00 

Technical Details

  • 900-watt stainless-steel juice extractor with 5 speeds
  • Speeds range from 6500 rpm to 12500 rpm for maximum extraction
  • 3-inch circular feed tube; backlit control panel; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Juice jug and froth separator, detachable spout, and cleaning brush included
  • Measures 16-4/5 by 15-1/2 by 10-1/4 inches

Product Description

Housed in attractive stainless steel, this 900-watt juice extractor features a unique five-speed smart juicing system. Its powerful motor comes with a built-in electronic smart chip that increases power to the cutting disc under heavy loads. As a result, the filter extracts more juice and can make an 8-ounce glass of juice in just five seconds. Speeds range from 6500 rpm for softer fruits and leafy greens like cantaloupe or spinach, to 12500 rpm for maximum extraction from denser foods such as apples or beets. The unit's 3-inch circular feed tube makes it easy to process whole fruits and vegetables, without pre-cutting, slicing, or peeling, plus the feed tube sits uniquely positioned directly over the center of the cutting disc for better balance and consistent results. The juice extractor also provides a stainless-steel micromesh filter and cutters, engineering-grade polymers, a backlit control panel, and dishwasher-safe parts for quick cleanup. Accessories include a 1-liter juice jug and froth separator, a detachable spout for juicing directly in to a glass, and a cleaning brush. The juice extractor measures 16-4/5 by 15-1/2 by 10-1/4 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.

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Customer Reviews

"Great Powerful Juicer" 2010-08-07
By D. Kinser
Lots of power and easy clean up, a great juicer, got this refurb and its like a new one and very happy with price and its quality.

"Pleasantly surprised" 2010-07-01
By J. Matusik (Chicago)
My son requested a juicer for a birthday gift. He did the research and came up with this Breville model. I liked the price but was hesitant to purchase a remanufactured one. After reading other reviews, I decided to go ahead with his choice - good move! Noise seemed to be an issue with other models as well as actual juice extraction. Neither is an issue here! It's quiet and the pulp is relatively dry. You would never know that it was not brand new. Good choice my son, good choice!

"Remanufactured Breville XXBJE510XL" 2010-06-24
By M. Shah (Kalamazoo, MI, USA)
I ordered this from Amazon for ~$127.
It arrived with good packaging, before estimated time.

Machine looked beautiful, everything seemed there in the package-- was very excited to see such quality design (made in china, ofcourse). I set it up and plugged it in. LCD showed up just fine, turned the knob and it changed the display, all fine so far.

Powered it up to start the motor -- gusess what? IT DID NOT START !! Tried all possible fixes as described in the manual and online solutions -- nothing worked. I spent almost an hour searching what what I may be doing wrong. Nothing worked.

Called Breville on phone, went thru automated system, was kept on hold for almost 10 minutes, after which it asked for phone number and it told me that I am in the queue for a call from them. I waited about 4-5 hours. No calls. I decided to return the machine back to Amazon. This is done online and it provides option for an excahnge or full refund. I opted for full refund and it gave me a printable return label. I was at UPS dropoff at 5:30pm.

I was very disappointed. I wasted so much time and energy trying to find a solution. I would not buy anything remanufactured from Breville. Today is almost 3rd day after I left them my phone number -- there is no phone call from Breville. It is not professional. I think there should be an inquiry in to their practice.

I have decided to order another Breville ( I hope I am not proven stupid) -- this time it is new unit. Extra cost $43. Worth my time and headache. I hope it lasts me because $170 is not cheap. If it breaks after a year, I am screwed again. This is so true for everything we buy these days!! We are the becoming third world country. Thanks to China.Remanufactured Breville XXBJE510XL Ikon 900-Watt Variable-Speed Juice Extractor

"Missing filter/basket." 2010-06-24
By Frank Coleman II
This is a probably a good product, however, it didn't come with the filter/basket needed to juice. Tried to contact seller to no avail. Gonna have to order one on my own dime.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Omega Vert Hd Vrt350 Juicer

Omega Vert Hd Vrt350 Juicer
Product By Omega       (1 customers reviews)
Lowest Price : $378.90 

Technical Details

  • Fine hole Strainer/ screen material
  • Color: Silver and black
  • 10 year warranty

Product Description

Specs are the same as the VRT 330, except....

?Fine hole Strainer/ screen material: Ultem (large hole screen material unchanged)

?Color: Silver and black
?10 year warranty (unchanged)

What's in the Box
Omega VRT330 motor base
Fine dual-stage juicing screen
Coarse dual-stage screen
Bowl with attached extraction plug
GE Ultem Auger
Self-cleaning screen holder
2 50-ounce juicing cups
Instruction manual

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Customer Reviews

"Wow! I'm in LOVE!!" 2010-10-23
By C. Conkey
Ok, I hardly ever write reviews, but this juicer deserves the accolades I'm about to bestow upon it. I'm a heavy juicer, and go in fits and starts with heavy juicing and then no juicing. About a year or two ago I purchased the Omega 8003 juicer and have been happy with it. The main drawbacks to that juicer are its small diameter feed slot and the fact that you really have to "push" stuff along with the pusher. For the last couple of weeks I've been heavily juicing with that machine. My review is really from the perspective of what I'm coming from.

First, I did a lot of research on juicers (again). Although I looked at the Jack La Lane juicer which is a high speed juicer (and much cheaper), I found myself coming back to the slow speed for the same reasons that drove me to my original Omega 8003, namely, keeping the enzymes in tack, better taste (less watery) and a better yield (especially with organic fruit being so costly). It was taking me about 25 minutes to juice with the Omega 8003 including cleanup, which is a bit lengthy for a glass of juice. Now, in defense of the 8003, it does a really good job of juicing, pulp is dry and it makes a good juice. However, I tend to make really large glasses of juice (usually at least 24 oz) and it requires everything to be cut up into small enough pieces to fit in the small feeder. Apples take forever, and even feeding things like grapes you still have to push a few in, then mush it down, few more, mush it down etc etc. Process takes a while.

So my new VRT HD arrived today. Forget what HD stands for, but apparently the only difference is the strength of the inner filter/strainer, which I saw some reviews of cracking. I plan to work this thing like a mule, so I wanted the best.

Setup was super easy, all the parts were easy to figure out, never needed to read an instruction and I was off an juicing in minutes. I've done 4 juices today, so far using all fruits (apples, pineapple, carrots, grapes, pomegranate and kiwi). All I can say is WOW!!!

What I love so far: First and foremost, because its a vertical cylinder that masticates, I just drop in the fruit, say a carrot, and it grinds it right up. I can't cut off the tops fast enough. It just eats em right up. With the 8003, I have to jam and shove those things down into the screw. That alone is worth the price of admission. Just drop em in and watch em go. LOVE IT!! (can you tell I'm excited).

Everything else got chewed up just as well. I've used a lot of fleshy fruit today, and did have one issue on my second juice. My pineapple and grapes got clogged on the little outlet where the fiber ejects. I think that was my fault however because I think I got over zealous and excited. I slowed down my feed a bit on the subsequent juicing's and had zero issues.

Another feature I REALLY like is the self cleaning feature. A plastic thingy swirls around the outside of the screen/filter while your juicing and cleans the screen. In my 8003, grapes and other fleshy fruit really tend to clog the screen up, but I have had no issues all day. That screen comes out almost as clean as it went in.

I do get foam floating on top of my drink. I'd actually say a bit less than my 8003, which surprised me because in a web demo head to head with another 800? unit I watched on youtube it looked like the VRT produced a bit MORE foam, but this is not my experience. It's not a lot of foam, but I hate foam. Nothing that a quick skim with a spoon doesn't rectify. Pure tasty juice underneath.

Lastly, I was told in same said video that cleanup would take twice as long. I found that to be true for the first cleanup (not knowing what I was doing) but so far, my cleanup has maybe taken an additional minute. I find it quite simple actually, and once you figure out the pieces (not difficult), it actually seems little harder than my 8003.

All in all I absolutely LOVE this juicer. I can juice 24 or more ounces of juice, from opening the fridge door to putting the pieces back into the cabinet in under 10 minutes. The top feeder is so much wider which allows for much bigger pieces, which means a lot less cutting and preparation. Once it goes in, it self feeds, which means your not standing there mushing stuff down. Juice tastes great, fiber comes out reasonably dry, and clean up is simple enough.

It's only been a day, but what a great day its been.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Champion Juicer G5-PG710 G5-PG720-WHITE Commerical Heavy Duty Juicer

Champion Juicer G5-PG710 G5-PG720-WHITE Commerical Heavy Duty Juicer
Product By Plastaket Mfg Co Inc       (12 customers reviews)
Lowest Price : $235.99 

Technical Details

  • Heavy Duty Juicer for Fruits and Vegetables
  • Includes - Instruction Manual, Juicing Screen, Sieve, Blank Screen, & Tamper
  • Optional Items (not included) Large Hole Screen, Grain Mill; Can be wired 220V 60HZ
  • Large 1.75" Diameter Feed Tube, 1725 RPMs, 650 Watt, 110V 50HZ
  • 10 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty (1 Year on cutter blade and screens)

Product Description

The Champion Commercial Juicer is designed for continuous heavy-duty juicing of Fruits and Vegetables. In addition the Champion can make coconut milk, baby foods, fruit sauces, nut butters, ice creams, and sherbets. This juicer is not ideal for leafy greens and wheatgrass. The floating cutter is designed to separate the juice from the pulp all in one continuous operation with little to no intermittent cleaning. Powered by a full 1/3 horsepower, heavy-duty General Electric motor, the Champion Juicer is powerful, durable, and built to last. All juicer parts are made from 100% FDA accepted nylon and stainless steel. Heavy duty front and rear ball bearing installation for smoother running, maximum R.P.M.'S. Added winding capacity increases starting torque and allows the motor to run cooler increasing the durability factor and performance under heavy use conditions.

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Customer Reviews

"Nice juicer!" 2010-10-02
By Love to read (United States)
I've had this juicer for the longest time and didn't use it because the first thing I used to make juice with it was celery and it was a real mess. But lately I've been using it every day to make orange juice and it's great! It comes out so yummy and the clean-up is easy. Orange and strawberry juice is out of this world.

"Best juicer for the cost." 2010-06-18
By Tumen Inluv (Kansas)
We have owned and used a Champion juicer for nearly twenty years without issues. Also, we have the grainmill attachment for grinding flour and use it frequently. Our inspiration for buying the Champion came from our local health food store where they had a Champion for making fresh nut butters! This was long before the convenience of the internet for comparison shopping. The word among other juicer-type folks at the time was the Champion is a work horse. I can attest to that belief through personal experience.

By the way, I picked up an Acme juicer at an auction and it works well, but the Champion makes superior juice with what I believe is less waste.

"An Amazing Machine!" 2010-04-14
By maisoui
I grew up in the 1970s with a Champion, and was especially enamored by its ability to make nut butters. My mother still has her Champion from that era! I recently purchased my own G5-PG710 Champion 2000+ Commercial Juicer, and I cannot rave enough about it! It makes amazing juice, extracting way more juice from the vegetables and fruit than other juicers of similar price. Plus, aside from the excitement of nut butter production, I've also discovered the excitement of making instant sorbet with no additives, simply by putting frozen fruit through the machine! Now I can't wait to get the grain attachment, so that I can make my own flour and corn meal! I am in love with my Champion, and I'm very glad I decided to get this classic machine. Finally, another thing I really appreciate about this machine is that it's made by a family-owned company in California's Central Valley, where I'm from originally. I love to support American-based manufacture, especially in a region of the country that needs all the employment-assistance it can get. This machine is amazing!

"wonderful machine, works easily, cleans up easily, the best" 2010-02-16
By Tiberius (Fulton)
I have owned a Champion Juicer for several years now and still love it. It makes great juice and the type of juice I like, with some pulp. I used to have an Acme juicer and discovered when I got my Champion that there is a difference between juicers. The Acme juicer had no pulp, more like the juice you see in the store which if you look at the reviews for the Acme juicer, people love it. It does a good job and I had an Acme juicer for 20 years. The Champion Juicer that I have now was gotten because someone recommended it via the extra pulp it gave so that sounded interesting and I have not regretted the change out of what machine I use now. I can do carrot juice with the carrots right out of the refrigerator and no warm up. The machine handles cold veggies very nicely. The "shoot" that you put the veggies into is wide enough for those bigger carrots that you don't have to take time to cut them up first. My vegetable preparation is very minimal. The cleanup is very quick. I always hand wash and dry the pieces to insure they fit properly. I have never had any problems with the machine. I read the manual first before I started so probably the one aspect that is different is greasing the metal part before you put the machine together which isn't a big issue. It does take a little muscle to hold the screen down while you are putting the machine together so if you are 80 you might want to get a different juicer. It has a safety feature that if you don't have the machine put together properly, it will not turn on. I find that extremely helpful because I tried a Jack LaLanne juicer before this machine and didn't have one piece put on exactly right and the machine started up and broke the piece quickly before I even had a chance to turn the machine off. So I can really appreciate the fact that if I haven't got the screen on completely or have the underneath piece backwards, the machine will "tell me" and I salvage my machine and my wallet. So there are advantages as to why a juicer is designed a certain way if we can see the "vision" of the reasoning. My brother is interested in a juicer and I anticipate Champion will be the choice as per cost. Juicers are not cheap so get one that works for you to start out with and it will be with you a very long time. I also noticed that Amazon sold the individual parts for this machine so if you want backup pieces, the option exists easily. I can't say enough praise for this machine as I really adore my juicer. If I had to buy myself another juicer, it would be this machine. Very highly recommended.

"Awesome" 2010-02-12
By Megan Smith
I have a champion Juicer that my mother gave me while I was facing health issues. The "screen" was missing but I simply bought a different one on amazon. All the parts from new models to old are basically the same. This juicer is as old as I am. Works perfect. I'm convinced that I received one of the best.

Easy to put together once you've figured it out. Powerful, a lot of juice, extreme nutrition by breaking the fibers down. Other juicers simply don't do it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Factory-Reconditioned Breville XX800CPXL Remanufactured Citrus Press

Factory-Reconditioned Breville XX800CPXL Remanufactured Citrus Press
Product By Breville         (12 customers reviews)
Lowest Price : $72.89 

Technical Details

  • 2 Filters for varying pulp control
  • Active arm for easy and effortless juicing
  • Patented quadra fin cone for juicing a variety of citrus fruits
  • Built in safety feature
  • Dishwasher parts except base

Product Description

The Breville Die-Cast Citrus Press is essential for making fresh juice from your favorite fruits. A revolutionary active arm allows for quick and effortless juicing. The Quadra-Fin juicing cone allows you to juice any size citrus fruit from limes to grapefriuts and the durable materials resist corrosive citric acid for a lifetime of jucing. making this professional grade product extremely durable. It comes with two stainless steel filters for variable pulp control and a handy drip spout flips up so there are no spills. It also features a patented safety feature and handy dust cover that fits over the juicing cone and filters. The cone and filters pop out easily for quick clean-up. All parts except the base are dishwasher safe.

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Customer Reviews

"Factory-Reconditioned Breville XX800CPXL" 2010-07-09
By Brit
I just received my Citrus Press and I am going to keep my review simple

LUV IT LUV IT LUV IT!!!! I am use to spending ages on cheap plastic reamers trying to get the juice out; I placed a half grapefruit on this machine and could not have been 4 seconds later it was juiced, machine feels solid and powerful... I recommend it do not think about it just get it for $90 its a bargain....

"A good looking and functional juicer for the home" 2010-07-07
By GWK (Northern California)
This is a great looking citrus juicer that is perfect for the home bar / counter. This juicer is fast and easy to operate. Although there is a bit of technique (turning / tilting) needed to get all the juice out of large citrus.

A great feature is the locking spout which allows you to pour off the juice without leakage on your counter! This was a hit at our last party where it saw heavy use juicing grapefruits for cocktails.

The "factory reconditioned" item we bought was missing the dust cover, but that issue is easily remidied by draping a bag over it while in storage.

"terrific item" 2010-05-17
By Mary Oloane Barnard
Easy to use, easy to clean, makes great juice....

Excellent buy, well worth the money ... What else can I say?

"review of Breville reconditioned citrus press" 2009-02-15
By an Engineer (Fl.)
I ordered the reconditioned model wih some concern that I might have trouble. However it was delivered within 5 days & was completely satisfactory. The unit is well constructed of heavy quality materials. The stainless steel housing & parts clean up easily & it juices oranges & grapefruit quietly & with little effort. This product is an excellent value. Bert Fl.

"still broken - would be great if it worked" 2009-01-30
By oasis of mara gal
would suggest that you buy a new, un-reconditioned appliance.

This is a lovely machine, juicing is quick and easy, cleans easily, doesn't move around on you while working, lots of lovely features, BUT.....IT IS STILL broken. And it WAS missing a part as the product description stated it may have. Just spend the money and save much hassle (and shipping charges) and buy the new one.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Waring PCJ218 Citrus Juicer, Stainless Steel

Waring PCJ218 Citrus Juicer, Stainless Steel
Product By Waring          (55 customers reviews)
Lowest Price : $89.23 

Technical Details

  • Juices all citrus fruits, from limes to grapefruit
  • Heavy-duty metal base provides stability while juicing
  • Vibration-absorbing rubber feet keep juicer from slipping
  • Dishwasher-safe reamer and juice bowl disassemble for easy cleaning
  • Five-year limited motor warranty; one-year limited appliance warranty

Product Description

The Waring Citrus Juicer is engineered to perform with the same ease and efficiency that professional kitchens demand. We cushion our heavy metal base for extra quiet operation, and our universal reamer quickly and thoroughly juices the smallest limes to the largest grapefruits. With minimal time and effort you can make juice for the entire family. Removable parts are dishwasher safe, so the cleanup is as easy as the operation.Universal reamer quickly and thoroughly juices small limes to large grapefruitsExtra heavy base for quiet operationJuice Bowl and Reamer lift off base and are dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning Review

If you're looking for a heavy-duty juicer to whip up your morning glass of tangerine-grapefruit juice, look no further. This is a solidly built juicer that you'll want to leave on the counter all the time--and it's heavy enough that you'll want to give it a permanent, accessible spot. Slower than some juicers, it's consistent and powerful, squeezing every last drop of juice from even a large grapefruit. The majority of the pulp collects in the reamer basket--add as much as you like! The spout pours directly into most tumblers up to 12 ounces, and by adjusting the reamer, you can make the operating switch convenient for left- or right-handed users.--Jill Lightner

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Customer Reviews

"Expensive citrus juicer" 2010-10-14
By lriera
It's really heavy so it doesn't dance around the counter top. You need to make a LOT of orange juice to justify the high price.

"The only juicer that lasts" 2010-09-23
By George
This juicer is simple and it works. It has a switch on the side, so the push down to turn on type switch in the other ones that always breaks isn't there. It's really just a motor with a reamer on it - simple and effective. The motor is powerful - it never bogs down. The white finish is probably easier to keep clean, nut the stainless looks pretty sharp.

"juicer" 2010-05-13
By Duane Ziemer (Arizona)
It works well. More expensive than I expected but if it lasts for 10 or more citrus seasons, then it will have been worth it. I have 4 orange trees, 2 grapefruit trees, 2 tangelo trees and a lemon tree, so I do a lot of juicing. So far thus season, it has done well.

"Juicer review" 2010-02-11
By Lynn Ostheimer
We have a small citrus orchard plus friends share their oranges with us. Since we can't possibly eat them all we juice them and store them in the freezer. Our old juicer gave out last season so we needed one that was heavy duty and could handle the job. We froze 23 gallons of orange and grapefruit juice this year. Needless to say it worked great without even a strain. So far so good.

"Good Juicer" 2010-02-02
By M. Hartman (West Jefferson, OH)
This is the second juicer I tried and it works well. It doesn't walk across my counter and juices pretty efficiently. I guess the only negative thing about it is the build-up of pulp after processing several fruits, which doesn't release a lot of juice and I have to take something to scrape it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cuisinart CJE-1000 1000-Watt 5-Speed Juice Extractor

Cuisinart CJE-1000 1000-Watt 5-Speed Juice Extractor
Product By Cuisinart         (4 customers reviews)

Technical Details

  • 1000-watt 5-speed juice extractor with large 3-inch feeding chute
  • Control dial with blue LED light ring; anti-drip adjustable flow spout; easy unlock and lift system
  • Foam-reducing filter basket; die-cast and stainless-steel housing; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Includes 2-liter pulp container, 1-quart juice pitcher, and cleaning brush
  • Measures approximately 15-2/5 by 11-4/5 by 19 inches

Product Description

It's never been easier to create fresh, nutritious fruit and vegetables juices at home. The Cuisinart Juice Extractor features a 3" feed tube that easily handles whole fruits and vegetables. The adjustable flow spout eliminates drips and spills for clean countertops, and the 5-speed control dial is easy to operate. The specially designed filter basket reduces foam, and the units is so quiet, you won't wake the family while you're making juice for breakfast!

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Customer Reviews

"Juicer is excellent!" 2010-08-26
By Bonnie Portelance
For the price compared to other juicers, this one is worth every penny! It is strong, efficient, easy to use, and easy to clean and put back together. Very nice looking also. Cuisinart CJE-1000 1000-Watt 5-Speed Juice Extractor

"Decent Juicer...Not Great" 2010-05-15
By Lorne Bourdo (Parker, CO)
I bought this juicer yesterday and immediately washed it and got down to business. I juiced Carrots and Apples. After I was finished, I took a look at the pulp and I was able to squeeze juice out of the pulp still.

I spoke with the sales rep and he said the Breville juicer plus was better at collecting the juice and extracting more from the pulp. So I went back and exchanged it today. I would say this is an ok juicer, but not the best.

However I'm sure most juicers can't get 100% of the juice out of fruit. This machine functions properly and looks nice. I was just disappointed with the amout of juice that was left behind.

"Only buy if you do bulk juicing" 2010-05-09
By Matt Fellers (San Francisco, CA USA)
I bought this with the hope of aiding in squeezing lines for margaritas, which is not a very high volume use.

Unfortunately, the cleanup involved makes this device complete overkill for margaritas! I had to clean no fewer than 9 different parts in order to fully clear the device of the desiccated pulp. On the plus side, because the pulp was rendered into a fine, dry pulp, cleaning went pretty fast.

The unit I had does an amazing job of extracting every last drop of juice from the limes. But be sure to peel the limes before hand, or the juice will be very tart!

But given the 10 minutes it took me to wash the parts, it would have been just as fast to juice the limes the old fashioned way: by hand.

So unless you're juicing for bulk and saving the resulting beverage, this product is just overkill. Though it is pretty amazing at how well its able to pull very last drop of juice from the fruit (at least for limes).

"Terrible juicer for the price." 2010-04-17
By dukeofhurl (Portland, OR)
I bought this without finding any other reviews. I wish I hadn't. I have a number of Cuisinart items in my kitchen and really like them all. This isn't one of them and I'm returning it today.

The pulp it ejects is mushy. Juicers I've had in the past were able to create a fine, dry pulp. I pick up this pulp, slightly squeeze it with my hand and get more juice. A lot of the pulp doesn't make it to the pulp container. Quite a bit of the pulp even escapes and ends up in a fine sheet on my counter.

Maybe I just expected too much from Cuisinart. I emailed their customer support to see if this was a known issue or to find out if I was doing it wrong (doubtful) and haven't heard back from them after more than a week.

The juicer looks great. I like the design and the finish. Other than that I dislike it very much.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Juiceman JM400 Juiceman Jr. 2-Speed Electric Juicer

Juiceman JM400 Juiceman Jr. 2-Speed Electric Juicer
Product By Black & Decker        (26 customers reviews)
Lowest Price : $59.99 

Technical Details

  • 700-watt electric juicer with large feed chute and 2 speed settings
  • Stainless-steel permanent-mesh filter and filter basket; safety interlock switch
  • Chrome-plated housing; see-through lid; removable pulp container; non-skid rubber feet
  • 3/4-quart juice jug and filter-cleaning brush included; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Measures approximately 14-1/2 by 10 by 18 inches

Product Description

Enjoy the delicious flavors and nutritious value of juices from fresh fruit and vegetables - any time you want. This powerful juicer's one-handed operation extracts pulp-free juice in minutes. The clear cover shows you the juicing process - start to finish.

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Customer Reviews

"Nice Starter Juicer" 2010-05-27
By Long-legged Linda
It is good if you are just starting out. The pulp is not as dry as I think it should be which probably means that there is juice being wasted. Motor is powerful. I haven't had any problems with hard veggies or fruits getting stuck so far.

"unhappy" 2010-04-13
By Saima Siddiqi (dallas, tx usa)
The 1st 2 months it worked great, but the 3rd month the motor started making loud noise and a lot of shaking. So now I am stuck with a machine that doesn't work. Don't invest in it. Rather get something more durable that will last longer. I have to actually call customer service and see if they can replace it!

"Carrot Innards" 2010-02-12
By A. E. Peterpaul (wandering)
I previously owned one of Juiceman's little juicers back in the day and decided to give this one a whirl because I missed the taste of fresh juices. The Juiceman JM 400 Juiceman Jr. is definitely more handsome than its old plastic predecessor. It looks sturdy and powerful, and it is. The first time I tried it, I made an old favourite, apple-carrot-ginger juice. I was not prepared for it. This juicer sounds as if it has a diesel engine. On high speed, I had to hold on to my juice-catcher to keep it from rattling off the counter. Before it was over, my shirt was covered with carrot innards, but the juice itself was delicious.

This is the biggest problem: cleaning. It's a pain in the bum. Even with a bag in the pulp receptacle, the pulp still gets everywhere in the juicer. The Bowl-Blade of Doom is practically impossible to de-pulp. It seems to take an eternity.

I love the fresh juice, and I love the Juiceman's recipes, but for the trouble, this thing should not have only come with his book for free. They should have sent the Juiceman himself to do the clean-up.

"Don't bother" 2010-01-21
By GG (Maine, USA)
I bought this juicer (Jul 09) after my simpler, less powerful one broke. In comparison, the Juiceman jr. is more powerful and loud, but didn't produce any more juice than the cheaper one. I washed some parts in the dishwasher - upper rack only. There are 9 parts, by the way, excluding the main unit and cleaning brush. The lid is now deformed and won't fit, making the unit useless. I called (Oct 09) while it is still under warranty to get a replacement lid. It is on backorder (which tells you something). Called again Jan 2010. They told me it is scheduled to be in the warehouse that week and then shipped. Two weeks after that, I still haven't seen it. I called again and the agent told me it has been quite common that replacement parts are on backorder for a long time and thought maybe they were redesigning it, but said it may be in their warehouse at the end of January or the end of February. Even if you like this juicer, you may not have good service if you need replacement parts. If I could return it and get my money back, I would.

"It caught on fire." 2010-01-13
By Stacey R. Willman (Ohio)
The second time I juiced with it ...I juiced 20 small apples and it caught on fire. I returned it for my money back.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Black & Decker JE2100 10-Ounce Fruit-and-Vegetable Juice Extractor

Black & Decker JE2100 10-Ounce Fruit-and-Vegetable Juice Extractor
Product By Black & Decker       (5 customers reviews)
Lowest Price : $37.95 

Technical Details

  • 400-watt juice extractor offers simple one-handed operation
  • Stainless-steel strainer for pulp-free juice; pulp collector in the back
  • 3-way auto shutoff with anti-drip system; convenient cord storage
  • Clear cover allows for viewing the process; 10-ounce juice cup included
  • Measures 9 by 6 by 11-2/7 inches

Product Description

Enjoy the delicious flavors and nutritious value of juices from fresh fruit and vegetables - any time you want. This powerful juicer's one-handed operation extracts pulp-free juice in minutes. The clear cover shows you the juicing process - start to finish.

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Customer Reviews

"Better than expected . . ." 2010-08-11
By Magicman1963
The juicer I wanted was out of stock , this on was much cheaper so I was skeptical . First off I was suprised to find it to be much more quiet than other juciers I've owned ! Second , I belive I got more juice from my vegetables than I did with my other machines . Finally , this jucier seemed a little easier to clean than the others I've owned . I rate this jucier 5 Stars , I am happy with my purchase .

"excellent small juicer" 2010-07-18
By Mars Trader
I could not bring myself to pay the prices for the expensive juicers when it seems that they all work the same way. What I like about this juicer is: 1) it works, 2) it's small, 3) if I break it I will not be out for a hundred or more dollars. Juicing is fast and simple. Another reviewer says you aren't getting all of the juice from the pulp. My observation is that my pulp is very dry: I suggest you feed the pieces as directed. And remove veins from your celery. Another reviewer said that when you lift out the screen assembly, stuff falls out. Actually, the screen collar housing is easy to remove and it brings out the screen at the same time. The collar has a lip that catches everything. The screen is hard to clean, but that's true on every juicer. Get a small nylon brush with soft, long bristles too large to get stuck in the holes, and be patient. I found it takes 5 minutes to clean up the entire unit and put the pieces on the dish rack to dry. Another reviewer said that the pulp exit gets clogged and the motor might slow down. This is also my experience, specifically with carrots. When you notice this happening, turn off, remove the cover, and use a finger to clear the blockage and to scoop any lingering chunks from the screen, then put the cover back on and keep going. This takes 20 seconds, it's not a big deal. I like this unit for quick personal juicing and I will be keeping it.

"terrible design" 2010-03-24
By Jung Yoon
When you make a lot of juice at a time, garbage is clogged and does not go down to the collector, which slows down the machine and eventually stops it. After making juice, the mesh does not come off easily until you scatter a lot of garbage all over the counter top. The garbage collector also does not come off easily, so that you have to scatter even more garbage around you. I suspect that the guys who designed this stupid machine have never used after making it.

"Good for Beginners and Light Juicers" 2010-03-08
By Arielle Clark (Honolulu, HI)
I like this product. If you are a serious juicer that needs something that has a wide mouth and extracts 100% of the juice from the pulp then this is not the tool for you. If, on the other hand, you are new to juicing, trying out juice fasting, or just want to have the option for fresh juice in your kitchen then for the price, this is a great little machine.

"did not like it." 2010-02-10
By Avid Reader (silver spring, md usa)
This juicer did not do a good job. I returned it and would not recommend it to anyone.